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Inspired by nature

backed by clinical studies

take care of your gut health

natural prebiotics for your gut

The natural way

to get things moving...

“The groundwork for all happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hunt.




What makes the difference?

Top reasons to choose minaturals

Backed by Science

Elevate your health with supplements backed by human clinical studies! Our Ultra Premium line contains unique ingredients who's extraction processes have been patented for maxium benefit.

Potency and purity

You can rest assured that all our supplements are tested by 3rd party labs for potency and purity. Each of our products is in full compliance with Health Canada requirements.

Made in canada

All our supplements are made in Canada in certified Health Canada, GMP facilities. Our manufacturing partners also produce for some of the largest retailers in the world. Canadian quality you can count on!

Top Reviews

A word from our top fans


I'm a critical care nurse and have been taking this for like 2 weeks and they seem to work pretty well. Im not on any other meds or supplements and work has been busy AF. My sleep has been decent and had the holidays diet. I generally feel less stressed so the only change was adding in the Saffron and I’m less stressed. I’d say it took maybe 2-3 days to notice things and looking back over the last 2 weeks I’m generally less stressed. Im also a relatively laid back and low stress guy outside of the high stress job so take that for what its worth. Im gunna give some to my family to trial too. I’d recommend them.

-- Cole Sutherland


Great product. Works well and capsules are easy to swallow. Same results as major brand names but this is natural and well worth the price. Highly recommend.

--G Goodard


Pure Inulin Fiber Powder, works well. We follow a Keto diet so it keeps everything moving. We mix in in coffee or tea daily. You cannot taste it at all. We have been buying this brand for several months. Recommend.

--L Martin